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Replacing the Radio/CD-Player

Maybe you have noticed that your system does not include support for your MP3-player, for example iPod or an Android device. The player may not play MP3′s from CD either and you are tired of burning audio cd’s with around 20 tracks.

There are multiple possibilities how to improve your vehicle’s audio. Firstly, it is possible to add AUX connector to original player, but this needs to be programmed by someone with correct tools to do so.

The best choice, in my opinion, is to replace the whole unit with a player of your own choice.

In 307, there is space for 2-DIN player, if you wish to install a DVD-system with reversing camera for example. However, 1-DIN player is enough for me as I only require support for USB and MP3.

What you will need to install a new player and keep the remote on the steering wheel working properly (and also access data of On-Board Computer) are:

  • A new player of your choice, with support of OEM remote. Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, LG etc includes this in most cases.
  • An adapter from Connects2, CTSPG006 (before facelift, original player RD3) or CTSPG007.2 (facelift, original player RD4).
  • Corresponding patch lead for your new player
  • In some cases, it is needed to buy a aerial adapter also. At least facelift requires adapter with amplifier.

With Connects2, it should be as simple as plug’n'play.

UPDATE: I’ve received my Pioneer player and the adapter last week. Player itself is installed, but the adapter was broken and I’m waiting for replacement at the moment. Will get back to you with instructions and pictures. And the supplier told me that even though I ordered “Connects2″ there are in fact THREE different manufacturers and they order it from where they can receive it fastest. I will post you updates as soon as possible!

UPDATE2, Instructions:

At last I’ve received the correct adapter and oh boy it feels more expensive than the one provided for me earlier. Here are instructions for replacing your RD3 player. I’m sorry, there are no pics as this project was on hold so long.

  1. Take the old player out and disconnect it. You can buy a tool for removing it, or use four small flat headed screwdrivers.
  2. Plug the player specific patch lead to the adapter, and adapter’s “ISO” cable as well to the adapter.
  3. Plug the ISO cable provided with the player (or bought) to the player.
  4. Connect car’s original cables to Connects2 adapter and the adapter to the ISO cables.
  5. Plug the antenna in.
  6. Now test if it works and if it does, finish the installation by plugging the player to the DIN slot.

NOTE: Follow the instructions provided by Connects2. It is not recommend to connect “red to yellow”, but “red to red, yellow to yellow” instead. The adapter will handle all the work needed.

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